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Investor in Curaçao

Do you have assets and do you want to invest in Curaçao as an investor? Then the island has various options for a permit so that you can stay on Curaçao as a foreign investor. 

There are different types of investments that you can make and where your family can also immediately apply for a permit based on your investor permit.

Is an investor's license required in Curaçao?

If you plan to stay on Curaçao for longer than 30 days because of your investment, you are required to have a permit as investor in Curaçao necessary. Otherwise you fall under the category of 'tourist' whether you invest or not. You can possibly apply for a permit for six months if you do not want to make an investment but are financially strong. This is the so-called Hibernator/capital holder permit.

The government wants to motivate investors in Curaçao to invest in real estate or in business so that the economy also improves. An additional advantage is that you can then apply for a permit for a long stay (minimum 3 years). The investment should provide additional employment, bring in foreign exchange or stimulate the economic development of Curaçao.

CuraBon has a lot of experience with foreign investors who stay in Curaçao for a long time. Think of a holiday home or a share in a company that requires you to visit the island more often. Do you want to invest in Curaçao and stay longer than 30 days? CuraBon is then your partner in this!

As an investor in Curaçao, what is an investment?

An investment sounds general, but it is not in this case. In Curaçao, business investments are divided into three gradations starting from 500,000 ANG (Gulden). This is followed by 750,000 and 1,500,000 ANG (Gulden). The duration of the permit is linked to the amount of the investment. 

As an investor in Curaçao you can make a business investment in, for example, real estate or shares within a company worth the above amounts.

CuraBon's working method

As soon as your application has been received at CuraBon and your payment has been completed, we will immediately start working on your permit application.

We make sure that you receive all the necessary documents, together with a comprehensive step-by-step plan that guides you step by step through the permit application process.

At CuraBon, we not only provide the necessary documents and guidance, but we also actually submit the permit application on your behalf. We take care of the administrative process and ensure that your application is submitted correctly and on time.

Why apply for your investor permit via CuraBon?

Why apply for your investor permit via CuraBon?

Engaged team

Fast communication

Transparent & fixed rates

We only stop after your permit has been applied for

Investor license and additional costs

Investor license and additional costs

It is important to know what costs are involved in a permit as an investor in Curaçao. These are costs that are not covered by the CuraBon package. 

fees: These are the administrative costs charged by the Admissions Committee of Curaçao, only for processing the internship permit application. The legal fee for a Declaration by operation of law based on an internship is 535 ANG (Gulden – currency Curaçao).

Deposit: An deposit is an amount paid by a person as a guarantee or security for the fulfillment of certain obligations or to cover possible damage. If you are admitted to Curaçao and you have a nationality other than the Dutch or American, you must pay a deposit. This is part of the immigration or visa procedure. 

Document costs: There are costs associated with obtaining the necessary documents, such as a birth certificate, etc. These costs vary depending on where you obtain the documents.

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