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Starting your own company in Curaçao

Are you considering starting your own business in Curaçao? A permit must be applied for for this. 

As long as you are not a resident of Curaçao, you need a permit and, once you have Dutch or American nationality, a so-called Declaration of Law. 

Sign up at CuraBon and we will guide you through the entire permit process.

Can I start my own business in Curaçao?

As soon as you have received a declaration by operation of law with the purpose of owning your own business, you can in fact start your own business.

A distinction is made here between two types of starting a business:

  1. Bringing your current company in the Netherlands or America and restarting it in Curaçao.
  2. Starting a new company from scratch in Curaçao.

The difference is that for the first category, a Chamber of Commerce extract is required with the application.

After you have received your declaration by operation of law, you can go to the Chamber of Commerce in Curaçao to register a company. Depending on the business form, you need a notarial deed and a business permit. You can only start this process after receiving your statement by operation of law.

Do I need a Declaration of Law?

To start your own company in Curaçao, you must go through the following steps, among others.

  1. Request a declaration by operation of law: CuraBon can submit this application for you and ensure that you request the correct documents for this.
  2. Choose legal structure: Choose the most suitable legal structure for your company. In Curaçao, the most common business forms are a sole proprietorship, a private limited company (BV) or a limited liability company (NV). Each type has its own legal and tax implications, so it is advisable to obtain legal advice to make the best choice.
  3. Registration Chamber of Commerce: Go to the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) on Curaçao to register your company. Here you will receive a Chamber of Commerce number and access to business services and information.
  4. Permits and licenses: Check which permits and licenses you need to carry out your specific business activities in Curaçao. This may vary depending on the type of business and the nature of the services or products you offer.
  5. Tax registration: Register yourself with the tax authorities in Curaçao and receive a tax number. Make sure you are aware of the tax rules and obligations that apply to your business.
  6. Open a business bank account: Open a business bank account with a local bank in Curaçao to conduct business transactions.

CuraBon's working method

As soon as your application has been received at CuraBon and your payment has been completed, we will immediately start working on your permit application.

We make sure that you receive all the necessary documents, together with a comprehensive step-by-step plan that guides you step by step through the permit application process.

At CuraBon, we not only provide the necessary documents and guidance, but we also actually submit the permit application on your behalf. We take care of the administrative process and ensure that your application is submitted correctly and on time.

Why request your declaration by operation of law via CuraBon?

Why request your declaration by operation of law via CuraBon?

Engaged team

Fast communication

Transparent & fixed rates

We only stop after your permit has been submitted

Permit and additional costs

Permit and additional costs

It is important to know what costs are involved in applying for a declaration by operation of law. These are costs that are not covered by the CuraBon package. 

fees: These are the administrative costs charged by the Admissions Committee of Curaçao, only for processing the legal declaration for starting your own business in Curaçao. The legal fees for a Declaration by operation of law based on this purpose amount to 615 ANG (Gulden – currency Curaçao).

Document costs: There are costs associated with obtaining the necessary documents, such as a birth certificate, etc. These costs vary depending on where you obtain the documents.

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