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Pensionado and rentiers permit

A six-month residence permit for Curaçao offers a solution for many people. You can get away from it all and you can stay carefree on the island. Do you also like this?

You can apply for this six-month residence permit for Curaçao on the basis of various grounds and CuraBon can help and advise you with this. 

The most important thing is that you know what your goal is for these six months and what requirements come with it. 

Pensionado scheme and permit in Curaçao

One of the biggest advantages of retiring in Curaçao is the warm and sunny climate. All year round you can enjoy pleasant temperatures and a refreshing breeze from the sea. The island offers a myriad of activities for retirees, including hiking, golfing and exploring the many historic sites.

In addition, Curaçao has a favorable tax climate for pensioners. You can appeal to the so-called pensionado scheme. The island has tax treaties with various countries, so you may be able to benefit from tax benefits on your pension income. This can make life as a pensioner on Curaçao financially attractive.

Rentier permit for Curaçao

Do you have an equity of more than 36,000 ANG (Gulden) and do you receive interest on this? Then you can apply for a rentier permit for Curaçao. You will be granted this permit for a period of one year and after this year you can apply for an extension.

It is important that these funds are in the account with a bank, as you need a bank statement of your assets and income for this permit.

With a pensioners permit you are not yet entitled to tax benefits, because you only have this with the pension scheme. Of course you can appeal to this later.

So do you have equity and do you want to live in Curaçao for a longer period of time? CuraBon helps you with the application for a rentier permit.


CuraBon's working method

As soon as your application has been received at CuraBon and your payment has been completed, we will immediately start working on your permit application.

We make sure that you receive all the necessary documents, together with a comprehensive step-by-step plan that guides you step by step through the permit application process.

At CuraBon, we not only provide the necessary documents and guidance, but we also actually submit the permit application on your behalf. We take care of the administrative process and ensure that your application is submitted correctly and on time.

Why apply for your permit via CuraBon?

Why apply for your permit via CuraBon?

Engaged team

Fast communication

Transparent & fixed rates

We only stop after your permit has been applied for

Pensionado and rentiers permit costs

Pensionado and rentiers permit costs

It is important to know what costs are involved with a pensioner and renter's permit. These are costs that are not covered by the CuraBon package. 

fees: These are the administrative costs charged by the Admissions Board of Curaçao, only for processing the permit application. The fees for both the pensioner's and renter's permit are 635 ANG (Guldens - currency Curaçao).

Deposit: An deposit is an amount paid by a person as a guarantee or security for the fulfillment of certain obligations or to cover possible damage. If you are admitted to Curaçao and you have a nationality other than the Dutch or American, you must pay a deposit. This is part of the immigration or visa procedure. 

Document costs: There are costs associated with obtaining the necessary documents, such as a birth certificate, etc. These costs vary depending on where you obtain the documents.

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