Dutch and American license for Curacao

Legal Statement

Do you have a Dutch or American nationality? Then you need a Declaration of Law, abbreviated VRW, for Curaçao if you:

  • Want to stay on Curacao for longer than 6 months as a tourist, self-employed person or pensioner.
  • You want to work (voluntarily) on Curaçao.
  • You want to do an internship or study on Curaçao.

Start your Curaçao adventure without worries!

First of all, at CuraBon we like clarity. No hidden costs or surprises! We always work with fixed pricesso you know exactly where you stand. No hassle with unexpected expenses, just transparency and convenience.

But it doesn't stop there! At CuraBon we go further than just applying for the Declaration of Law. We will not stop until your Declaration of Law has been approved and you can pack your bags for a carefree adventure in Curaçao.

Our team of dedicated professionals are always on hand to guide and support you every step of the way. From filling out the necessary forms to providing you with valuable information about life in Curaçao, we're here to help with a smile!

How much time before my emigration should I use CuraBon?

From the moment you register with us, we will immediately start arranging your Declaration of Law.

We ensure that the entire application procedure takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks. We understand that you would like to start your Curaçao adventure quickly, which is why we do our utmost to ensure that everything runs as efficiently as possible.

This time is mainly necessary because of the necessary documents that we need to collect. We want to make sure that your application goes smoothly and that all required information has been entered correctly. But don't worry, we will guide you step by step and help you collect all the necessary papers.

While we are busy with the application, you can already look forward to the paradise called Curaçao!

As soon as we have submitted your application for the Declaration of Law, you can immediately start your adventure on Curaçao, without having to wait for the result of the Admissions Committee. Whether you come to work, study, or just enjoy the Caribbean life, we are ready to make your trip to Curaçao as smooth as possible.

Guidance from A to Z

Choose CuraBon and let us guide your adventure from A to Z. We are here to support you, so that you can fully enjoy everything Curaçao has to offer!

Why request your VRW via CuraBon?

Engaged team

Fast communication

Transparent & fixed rates

We only stop after your VRW has been approved!

Declaration of Law and the additional costs

It is important to know what costs are involved in a Legal Declaration. These are costs that are not covered by the CuraBon package. 

fees: These are the administrative costs charged by the Admissions Committee of Curaçao. This is only for processing the request. The legal fee for a Declaration by operation of law on the basis of an internship is 525 ANG (Gulden – currency Curaçao) and for all other purposes 615 ANG (Gulden – currency Curaçao) per person, also for children who may emigrate with them.

Document costs: There are costs associated with obtaining the necessary documents, such as a birth certificate, etc. These costs vary depending on where you obtain the documents. 

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Dutch and American license for Curacao


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