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Permit for Curaçao for Dutch & USA

At CuraBon we apply for an average of 128 permits for Curaçao every year, the so-called Declaration of Law.

Do you also want to be sure that your permit will be granted? Don't run any risks and simply register for CuraBon's Curaçao licensing expertise.

Do you have Dutch or American nationality?

Apply for your permit for Curaçao as a Dutch citizen

Apply for your permit for Curaçao as a Dutch citizen

Step 1 – Which permit do you need? 

At CuraBon we have simplified the registration process with our handy online form. Whether you plan to work, retire, or have other adventures in Curaçao, we make signing up effortless.

During your registration, simply indicate what your plans are, whether you are traveling alone, with a partner and/or children. This way we get a clear picture of your situation and we know exactly which permit suits you best. Save time and effort with our easy-to-use form so you can focus on planning your dream adventure in Curacao.

Step 2 – CuraBon at work 

As soon as you have completed all the steps of our registration form, we will immediately set everything in motion for your Curaçao permit. From that moment on, we take control and guide you from A to Z, with all the necessary documents and preparations, until we are ready to actually submit your permit application.

Your Curaçao adventure starts here, and we are ready to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The costs for your Legal Declaration vary depending on your specific situation. When submitting your non-binding registration, we will ask some questions about your intended purpose of stay in Curaçao and your family situation. For example, are you traveling alone or will a partner and possibly children come with you?

Based on this information, we automatically calculate the costs for your permit application. These costs are clearly displayed before you finalize your registration, so that you have complete transparency about the costs before you continue with CuraBon. No surprises, only clarity and transparency at CuraBon.

After your registration and the easy completion of the payment, we will immediately start working on your file, all within one working day. You will soon receive a confirmation email in which you will immediately find your login details for our exclusive online file system.

At CuraBon we attach great importance to speed and transparent communication. We are ready to make your Curaçao adventure run smoothly and clearly.

Naturally! If you plan to emigrate to Curaçao with your family, please indicate this during your registration. CuraBon ensures that the necessary permits are arranged for all family members. Family is our priority, and we are here to help you and your loved ones make a smooth transition to beautiful Curaçao.

Absolutely, we can arrange that for you! It is important that you provide us with the required documents and that no criminal offenses are involved.

At CuraBon we take the time to carefully compile your file, because customization is of great importance. We will guide you from start to finish in collecting all the necessary documents and we are always ready to answer any questions.

Once your file is complete and ready, CuraBon will submit the application for your Curaçao permit. You will receive a confirmation of this by e-mail. We strive to make your dream of a stay in Curaçao come true!

The Mission & Vision of CuraBon

CuraBon, why did we start? Well, because Curaçao stole our hearts! Our motivation stems from a deep-rooted love for this enchanting island and the desire to share in the beauty and rich culture it has to offer.

We had a vision: to provide a seamless and worry-free way for people to enjoy Curaçao, without the usual obstacles and confusion. Our goal? Giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the sea and the vibrant atmosphere of Curaçao, whether they are here to work, study or simply relax.

So we created CuraBon, with a team of passionate individuals and a mission to facilitate the process of discovery and enjoyment. We want to assist you in realizing your Curaçao dreams and strive to make this process as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

Difference between a 'Permit' and 'Declaration of Law'

Difference between a 'Permit' and 'Declaration of Law'

If you are considering working or interning in Curaçao, there are some important steps you should follow. If you have Dutch or American nationality, you have the advantage that you can stay on Curaçao as a “tourist” for up to six months a year to enjoy the island.

However, if you want to work or do an internship during that six-month period, it is essential to apply for the “Declaration of Law”. Although people often speak of an “internship permit” or a “work permit,” these terms actually refer to the same document, but with a different purpose of residence application for Curaçao. 

If you have a different nationality, you must indeed apply for a “Permit for Curaçao” and visa. 

If you plan to continue working in Curaçao for more than eight months, there is more to do than just apply for the “Declaration of Law”. In this case you must also change your residence status. This is because as a Dutch citizen you are not allowed to stay abroad for more than eight months at a time. So this means that you must deregister in the Netherlands and officially register in Curaçao.

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