Emigrate with pets

Whether you are planning to move for work, retirement or simply to enjoy the Caribbean life, we are ready to support you in successfully emigrating to Curaçao with your pet.

The import requirements of a dog to Curaçao

If you're bringing your four-legged friend to Curaçao, there are a few important steps you need to follow to ensure your dog can travel safely and legally:

  1. Chip identification: It is mandatory that your dog is chipped before traveling to Curaçao. The chip must meet the international ISO 11784/11785 standard so that your pet can be correctly identified.

  2. EU Pet Passport: Make sure you obtain an EU pet passport for your dog. This passport contains important information about your dog's identity, including the chip number and vaccinations.

  3. Rabies vaccination: A rabies vaccination is mandatory for dogs traveling to Curaçao. This vaccination must be administered at least 3 weeks before departure and must not be older than one year at the time of departure.

  4. Health declaration: Visit your vet to get a health certificate for your dog. This statement confirms that your dog is healthy and fit to travel. The health declaration may be issued a maximum of 2 weeks before departure.

  5. Deworming: Make sure your dog is treated against worms no more than 2 weeks before departure. This is an important step to ensure that your pet is free of parasites.

  6. Treatment against ticks and fleas: Between 24 and 48 hours before departure, you must treat your dog against ticks and fleas. This measure helps to prevent parasites and ensures the well-being of your pet during the trip.

  7. Record in the pet passport: All of the above information, including dates and times of vaccinations and treatments, must be recorded in your dog's pet passport by your veterinarian.

Important rules for flying with dogs to Curaçao:

  1. Minimum age for flying: Puppies are allowed from 15 weeks fly to Curacao. This has to do with the rabies vaccination, which can be given at the earliest at 12 weeks. After the rabies vaccination, you must wait another 3 weeks before you can fly, to ensure that the vaccination has had enough time to be effective.

  2. Pit bulls are not allowed: Please note that it is not allowed to import Pitbulls into Curaçao. 

  3. Dogs from Central and South America are not allowed: There is also a general ban on importing dogs from Central and South America to Curaçao. Check the origin of your dog carefully before planning your trip to Curaçao.

Attention for your pet

At CuraBon we understand that your pet has a special place in your heart, and we want to ensure that you have a wonderful time together in Curaçao.

By staying informed about the import rules and restrictions for dogs in Curaçao, you will ensure that you can bring your pet safely and in accordance with local regulations.

Take your dog with you as hand luggage on the plane

If you plan to take your dog with you as hand luggage, first check whether the airline you are flying with allows this. There are some important basic rules that you should take into account:

  1. Weight limit for dog and travel bag: Please note that the total combination of your dog's weight and the travel bag should not exceed 8 kilos. This weight limit includes both your dog and all items in the travel bag. Make sure you don't exceed this limit to get through airport checks smoothly.

  2. Dimensions of the travel bag: The travel bag for your dog must meet certain dimensions. The maximum dimensions for the travel bag are 46 cm long, 28 cm wide and 24 cm high. If you use a travel crate, it should be a maximum of 20 cm high. Make sure your travel bag is the right size so that it can be taken as hand luggage.

  3. Different rules for other countries: Please note that the rules and regulations for taking pets on a plane to other countries may vary. If you fly to destinations other than Curaçao, check the rules of the relevant airline and the country of destination.

Requirements for a travel bench for the plane to Curaçao

In most cases, dogs are too large to carry as hand luggage and will therefore have to be transported as checked luggage. Don't worry, the airlines have special provisions to ensure that your pet travels comfortably and safely.

In the hold of the aircraft there is a special ventilated area where the pets are housed. Here they can regulate the temperature so that your dog feels comfortable during the flight. It is important to know that there is a maximum weight limit for your dog and its kennel together. This limit is set at 75 kilos. If the total weight of your dog and its kennel exceeds this, your dog will have to be transported as freight.

To ensure that your pet can travel safely and comfortably, you should purchase a special travel crate. This crate must meet certain requirements, so make sure you choose one with it IATA quality mark. This quality mark guarantees that the crate is suitable for transport on an airplane.

Determining the correct size of the travel crate is essential for your dog's well-being during the trip. The dimensions of the crate should be based on your dog's length, height and width. Measure your dog from head to tail and add the length of the front legs for the total length. The total height is measured when your dog holds his head upright. The width is equal to twice the width of your dog. These dimensions allow you to choose the right size crate in which your dog can lie comfortably and turn itself.

Make sure you book well in advance as there are only a limited number of seats available for pets on each flight. Also pay close attention to the maximum crate size requirements allowed on the run. If the crate is larger than allowed, your dog will have to be transported as cargo.

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