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Werk- vergunning aanvragen voor Curaçao

Do you also want to be sure that your work permit application for Curaçao is granted and that you are allowed to work in Curaçao? Then register with CuraBon.

Bij CuraBon vragen wij wekelijks gemiddeld 14 werkvergunningen aan, de zogenoemde Verklaring van Rechtswege, voor diverse beroepen op Curaçao.

Heb jij de Nederlandse of Amerikaanse nationaliteit? Dan kun jij je direct aanmelden voor jouw “Verklaring van Rechtswege”. Heb jij een andere nationaliteit, kijk dan here.

How does a permit application at CuraBon work?

How does a permit work
application to CuraBon?

Step 1 – Register 

CuraBon has developed its own online registration form to make your registration as simple as possible. During your registration you can immediately indicate whether you are coming alone, with a partner and/or children. 

Step 2 – CuraBon at work 

After you have completed the few steps of the registration form, we have all the information you need to immediately start with your internship permit for Curaçao. From this moment on, we will guide you from A to Z with all the required documents until we submit the actual permit application for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Bij je aanmelding wordt er gevraagd naar onder andere de reden van je verblijf op Curaçao (denk hierbij aan b.v. je werk, pensioen, investeerder etc.) en jouw gezinssituatie, gaat er bijvoorbeeld een partner of misschien wel kinderen mee?

Partly based on this, the costs for your permit application are automatically calculated for you and these are clearly visible before you finalize your registration, so that you know where you stand without any surprises.

After you have registered and easily made the corresponding payment online, we will start your file within one working day. You will receive a confirmation email that will immediately contain your login details for our own online file system.

At CuraBon we believe in quick action and clear, transparent communication.

Are family members emigrating with you to Curaçao? Please indicate this during your registration so that we are aware of this.

CuraBon arranges the necessary permits for everyone who emigrates.  

In fact,... YES, we can, provided you provide us with the requested documents and you have not committed any criminal offenses ;-). 

At CuraBon we really take the time to complete your file, this is simply tailor-made. We guide you from A to Z with collecting the necessary documents and are always available for questions. 

As soon as your file is ready, CuraBon will apply for your internship permit and you will receive confirmation by email.

The Mission & Vision of CuraBon

Why did we start CuraBon? Because we are simply in love with Curaçao! Our motivation comes from a genuine passion for this beautiful island and the desire to share in the beauty and culture it has to offer.

We wanted to provide an easy and stress-free way for people to discover Curaçao, without the hassle and confusion. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the sea and the lively atmosphere of Curaçao, whether they come to work, study or simply relax.

With a team of enthusiastic people and a mission to make the process smoother, we founded CuraBon. We want to help you realize your Curaçao internship adventure, and make that process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

So, why did we start CuraBon? Because we love Curaçao and we want you to enjoy it too. Register with us and let us help you make your time on this beautiful island unforgettable!

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